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See also our resources page with an (incomplete) list of universities with planetary science programs.


  • No current job postings in Academia relating to early career scientists in NextGen. Please check back later. If you know of a current job opening, please let us know!

Research & Industry

  • Applied Data Scientist for the Near Earth Object (NEO) Surveyor program at Caltech, CA - Deadline: Until Filled

  • Lunar Geotechnical Scientist at Jacobs, Houston, TX - Deadline: Until Filled

  • Mission Control Space Services in Ottawa, Canada - Deadline: Permanent Call

  • Staff Scientist for PSI through flexible or remote locations – Deadline: Permanent Call

  • Planetary Scientists at Marshall Space Flight Center – Posted in & deadline: January 2023

    • The Heliophysics and Planetary Science Branch at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama will soon be seeking a scientist to conduct research and to develop applications to solve challenging Planetary Science problems. The selected candidate will add substantive capability synergistic with the current staff and the goals of NASA’s Artemis program and MSFC's strategy to integrate human space flight and science robotic capabilities in the Artemis era. The position is expected to be announced in January 2023 under the category of Research Space Scientist, at the GS-13 or GS-14 grade level, depending on qualifications.

    • An outstanding candidate will be offered federal employment, joining more than 30 other federal employees, academic staff, and contractors supporting Planetary Science efforts within the Branch, a subset of the Science Research and Projects Division, and the Science and Technology Office at Marshall Space Flight Center.

    • The incumbent Planetary Scientist will have expertise in remote and/or in-situ sensing of planets, moons, and asteroids, and in the application and development of advanced tools, techniques, and/or data analysis/mining/machine learning techniques. The candidate will be expected to lead the development of research proposals for new activities, lead a research team, execute funded projects, participate in conferences, have a demonstrated publication record, and author research papers in peer-reviewed literature.


Because there are many engineering jobs and many types of engineering, this section serves as a reference for those who want to continue in space engineering. This focuses on companies that conduct lunar and planetary exploration work in addition to specific job postings.

More job postings will be added periodically. If there are issues with the links or opportunities that you want to promote, please contact us. These job postings are chosen because they fit within the scope of NextGen (early career, lunar science). This list will not cover all opportunities.

Image Credit: Apollo 15 sample 15606,6 in cross-polarized light; NASA/JSC